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We have over 60 years combined industry experience and our team of highly trained surveyors specialise in providing clients with high quality desktop and as laid surveys.

As-Laid Surveys by the Experts at Subvision

As laid surveys need to be planned in advance and will allow us to locate as laid assets in an incredibly time and cost efficient manner. We work with different sectors such as civil engineering and telecoms to find and measure elements on their sites. With this kind of survey it is highly recommended that to track how the site is progressing, we carry out this service both during and after the project has been completed. Our as laid surveys will give you a clear idea of whether your construction or engineering project conforms to regulations. Future development or excavations will benefit from an as laid survey having been carried out as it shows all the changes that have been made, keeping everyone safe.

Desktop & As-Laid Surveys – Professional tailored solutions Nationwide.

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Subvision Surveys has been providing clients nationwide with a range of professional survey solutions for 19 years and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We have many highly skilled surveyors and CAD technicians who have been trained externally and in-house for years, so you can be sure that our attention to detail is second to none. We utilise cutting edge equipment and specialist techniques to ensure our team remains one step ahead of the competition, so contact our team to discuss your desktop or as laid survey requirements today!

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Subvision’s desktop surveys are non-intrusive, quick and cost effective. They identify any potential problems or failure points so that we can help clients detect pipes and utilities in the future with our other underground utility mapping services. It is an essential part of first phase planning that gives you information from utility suppliers in the area.

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