Drainage Location Surveys

Our drainage location surveys provide clients with a comprehensive drawing of existing drainage systems in either a 2D or 3D format, depending on personal requirements. Included in each survey is information about the diameter, depth and routes of pipes, as well as the direction of flow.

Clients are welcome to add additional services to the scope of work, an example being manhole surveys, that will provide the client with full details of the chambers, including construction and invert, and soffit levels of the confined space chambers. Using topographical methods we are able to record cover levels and invert levels, locating the line and level of pipe routes using a 33KHz sonde. We use electromagnetic tracing equipment to locate the sonde, which is inserted along the pipe length, at ground level.

Contacting Subvision Surveys

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Quality Controlled Drainage Locations Surveys

There are various ways in which we can mark the locate pipe route, including road marker spray, wooden stakes or crayon, depending on our client’s preference and the terrain. Markings for the drainage location are then recorded topographically by one of our fully trained surveyors using the latest GPS or robotic total station surveying equipment. The specialist CAD team then produce a drawing from the information which passes strict quality control procedures before being issued to a client.

Knowing where drainage systems are located on your site greatly reduces the risk of striking them, which would be highly dangerous and very hazardous to your workers and the general public. Inviting us to carry out a full survey is time and cost effective; it is so important to know the layout of utilities below ground and by enlisting the help of our fully trained team you no longer need to rely on record information that is out-of-date, incomplete or potentially incorrect.

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