GPR Surveys Chelmsford

We have provided Chelmsford with excellent underground surveys for more than 19 years and the Subvision team has incredible knowledge, gained from years of industry experience and training. This strict training is carried out both in-house and externally for many years, to ensure our staff are 100% clear on all aspects of their role and the use of specific tools and equipment.

Health & Safety is our primary concern and we make certain that all on-site surveying teams hold PTS track safety cards and have been CRB/DBS approved. Safety and professional conduct is at the heart of everything we do, leading to the highest standards of service being offered to each and every client.

For GPR Surveys in Chelmsford…

Give us a call on 0330 134 6861 to get in touch with a member of our highly professional team. Our rates are very competitive and we tailor each GPR survey to meet the specific requirements of our clients in Chelmsford so whatever your project may involve, we are happy to help!

Why Have a GPR Survey?

Before taking on any sort of construction or destruction, is it vitally important that nothing is left to chance, as this can be very dangerous and cause severe delays for your project. We highly recommend undertaking a GPR survey prior to any works, as this allows our expert team to detect buried obstructions below your site and put a plan of action in place to solve any potential issues that may occur as a result.

Using an advanced GPR system, a series of high frequency radio waves are sent into the ground to reflect signals back to an antenna where information is gathered by our experienced surveyors. We can then locate potential underground hazards, objects and services, as well as recording variations in ground strata. The optimum conditions are areas of dry sandy soil, as these offer the deepest penetration, however there is nothing stopping us using GPR to map other media such as water, soil, ice and rock.

Engineering applications include NDT (non-destructive testing) of pavements and when combined with an electromagnetic survey you are sure of the most accurate results. This is because GPR surveys can be limited by various factors, an example of which is soil with high electrical conductivity affecting penetration depth.

Subterranean Survey