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Our qualified team of skilled surveyors have over 6o years of combined industry experience, bringing their unrivalled knowledge and expertise to your project in Southend-on-Sea. Every member of the team is reliable and professional, spending years, not just weeks or months, learning about our equipment through strict in-house and external training, making us the best in the business.

When you invite our team to join your project, you can rest assured that all of our IOSH qualified managers will maintain the highest levels of safety and professionalism among our CRB/DBS approved team. We believe that outstanding customer satisfaction is key to our success and clients are always welcome to contact us for advice by phone or email. We pride ourselves on tailoring our excellent services to suit your exact requirements and we provide this unique level of personal service at very competitive rates. Call Subvision Surveys today for the best GPR surveys in Southend-on-Sea today!

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Locating Buried Services

Choosing to undertake a ground penetrating radar survey is the best way to locate possible buried services and obstructions, ideal when you need to start work on a new site.

Scanning the area beneath your building site before work begins is a time saving and cost effective way to check for hazards that could otherwise delay your project. Our equipment uses the latest technology to send high frequency radio waves down into the earth, which then reflect back to an antenna to record variations in the signal.

We use only the latest technology and our advanced system can be combined with an electromagnetic survey to give our clients the most comprehensive, accurate underground utility mapping service possible. These two types of survey work together to locate a variety of obstructions, both conductive and non-conductive, to deliver quality results conducted by our team of highly trained surveyors.

Subterranean Survey