Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

Our team of qualified surveyors has been providing clients with ground penetrating radar surveys for over 19 years, and in this time we have gained an incredible amount knowledge, ensuring you get the highest level of service possible. We train our staff for years, both in-house and externally, in the use of the latest GPR equipment, guaranteeing safety and efficiency at all times. IOSH qualified managers oversee all activities to keep your project running smoothly and to schedule.

We pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer service and we tailor each survey to your personal requirements. Our team is on hand to offer advice and guidance to clients booking their ground penetrating radar survey with us, doing everything we can to help and only ever suggesting services we believe are beneficial to you.

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How do Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys Work?

This service is a major part of excavation, construction and destruction works preparation as it allows us to detect hazards and obstructions located underground before they have a chance to become an issue. We do this by sending a series of high frequency radio waves which are then reflected back to an antennae. Using this method we are able to pinpoint various buried utilities or obstructions underground. It is a versatile system and one of the many engineering applications is non-destructive testing of pavements.

We specialise in carrying out ground penetrating radar surveys, employing only the most experienced and reliable GPR surveyors for professional results. Rates for our services are highly competitive, with the option of combining them to get the best possible survey. For example, it is highly recommended that GPR is undertaken in conjunction with an electromagnetic survey.

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