PAS128 Surveys

PAS128 Surveys is just one of many services that Subvisson provide. We offer a wide range of utility survey solutions to clients across the UK. PAS128 Surveys detect abandoned or redundant utilities located below the ground. We have the skills and equipment to detect many different surface features, as well as classifying and confirming the location of various underground utility infrastructures.

PAS 128 Surveys – Quality Controlled

With our PAS 128 surveys, clients are guaranteed a subsurface engineering industry standard service that sets the accuracy and quality of captured data; confident in the knowledge that all data is precise.

PAS128 -Type D, C, B, A:


PAS128 – Expert & Professional Surveys Across the UK!

PAS128 Surveys cover four quality levels and range from ‘A’ to ‘D’; to satisfy the project need and address safety and financial risk, the survey area can be subdivided to ensure the appropriate survey level is applied to each.

Before construction work begins on a site, our professional surveying team carries out utility mapping services such as borehole and trial pit works. When a survey conforms to PAS128 it can indicate underground utilities before breaking ground.

PAS128 Surveys

PAS128 Surveys – Professional tailored solutions Nationwide.

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PAS128 Surveys – Nationwide Experts For Over 10 Years!

Subvision Surveys’ clients are guaranteed to receive the highest possible standards of service and for a great price. We use a wide range of state of the art equipment and our skilled team, who have been trained for many years, have the latest specialist techniques at their disposal. Our experience of working on large scale projects includes The Shard, Heathrow Terminal 2 and Wembley.

  • example of a PAS128 QLB survey undertaken in London 2
  • example of a PAS128 QLB survey undertaken in London 2
  • example of a PAS128 QLB survey undertaken in London 2
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