Sewer Location Surveys Essex

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Sewer Location Surveys Essex

Our team of skilled surveyors has over 60 years combined experience providing sewer location surveys in Essex and around the UK. We have been trained for years in the use of our cutting edge technology and specialist equipment to ensure clients receive the best possible service and guarantee precision in all that we do.

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Safe sewer location surveys undertaken throughout Essex

Carrying out safe, accurate surveys is our priority and you will not find a higher level of attention to detail anywhere else. We pride ourselves on offering time and cost effective solutions that will correctly identify underground utilities. The final result is a full and comprehensive 2D or 3D AutoCAD drawing of the site that shows the existing drainage system.

What is involved in a sewer location survey?

Details that we can report on include direction of flow, pipe routes, diameter and depth. There is also the option of adding additional services such as a manhole survey, giving clients clear information about chambers and soffit levels. We record cover and invert levels topographically, locating pipe route lines and levels with a 33KHz sonde that is located by our electromagnetic tracing equipment. Related marks on the ground are also topographically recorded by one of our expert surveyors via GPS or robotic total station surveying equipment. Our CAD team will then take this information and produce a quality controlled survey drawing in the format of your choice to complete the process.

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We have a team of experts on hand to offer advice, so if you have any questions about your survey just get in touch and we’d be happy to help. For 19 years we have been Essex’s leading sewer location surveys provider and because of our competitive rates, there is no better option!

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