Sewer Location Surveys London

A sewer location survey will provide the client with a full and comprehensive 2D or 3D AutoCAD survey drawing of an existing drainage system. Flow direction, pipe routes, pipe diameters and depth of pipes are included and detailed on the survey. Additional services can be added to the scope of work, such as manhole surveys, and will provide the client with full details of the chambers, including construction and invert, and soffit levels of the confined space chambers.

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What is a Sewer Location Survey?

Cover levels and invert levels are recorded topographically, and the line and level of the pipe routes are located using a 33KHz sonde. The sonde is inserted along the pipe length and located at ground level using electromagnetic tracing equipment. The located pipe route is then marked using road marker spray, crayon or the route is marked using wooden stakes, depending on terrain and clients requirements. The survey markings are then recorded topographically by a fully trained Subvision’s surveyor, using the latest GPS or robotic total station surveying equipment.

The recorded information is then passed to our specialist CAD team, and an AutoCAD drawing of the information is produced in either 2D or 3D formats, depending on client requirements. All survey drawings must pass strict quality control procedures prior to issue.

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