Introduction to UUM (Underground Utility Mapping)

Our underground utility surveys use both of the most up-to-date technologies yet. Using both electromagnetic and GPR equipment, this enables us to be able to provide the client with a 100% accurate survey of the grounds below their site.

Subvision have had over 60 years combined experience under their belts when it comes to utility surveying. Together as a team, we have worked on many large-scale construction projects within the United Kingdom such as:

  • Heathrow Terminal 2

  • The Shard

  • Wembley

  • o2 Arena

  • & Many More!

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Underground Utility Mapping – How It Works

It is completely necessary when starting a new construction project to double check what lies beneath your plot of land. Using the most up to date pieces of equipment, Subvision Surveys are able to use both electromagnetic and GPR technologies to be able to penetrate the ground and take pictures of what lies underneath your plot of land. This enables us to be able to give our clients and contractors evidence of what lies below, guaranteeing safety and a safe system of work.

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