Underground Utility Mapping London

The professional team here at Subvision Surveys has been trained to undertake underground utility mapping throughout London, helping clients get a better picture of the area beneath their site prior to any works starting. A vast network of public utilities is hidden underground and this system supplies the city with everything from lighting, gas and electric to telecommunications. Since they are not visible without the aid of specialist equipment, it takes the skills and expertise of our surveyors to accurately pinpoint the location of each potential obstruction.

Why Do I Need a Utility Survey?

Underground utility mapping is a vitally important step in any excavation, destruction or construction process as it takes away the risk of striking any buried utilities. Having an accurate map of the area keeps everyone safe as you know which services are situated where; cutting or hitting a utility can be extremely hazardous, costly and a time consuming issue to fix. To ensure your project runs smoothly, ask our expert team for advice and schedule a utility survey today.

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Give us a call and speak to one of our trained team members on 08454 856 661.

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Years of strict in-house and external training for all staff has given us exceptional knowledge and you can rest assured that we work with only the most experienced surveyors. As trained professionals, we are skilled in the art of mapping and surveying; our team utilises 60 years combined experience, all the latest technology and specialist techniques to ensure we deliver precise real-time data and great results. Relying on old or incomplete record information is not safe, instead choose our underground utility mapping service and let us identify the depth, route and type of obstructions present under the ground using a range of cost effective and non-intrusive methods.

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We are CHAS and SafeContractor registered which means our levels of health and safety have been officially checked and approved, so your project is in safe hands with Subvision Surveys. Our team has worked on many large scale projects in London over the years, including Wembley, The Shard and Heathrow Terminal 2 as well as nationwide in Birmingham, Bristol and beyond.

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