Underground Utility Survey Essex

Subvision uses only the best, most up-to-date GPR and electromagnetic equipment to conduct our underground utility surveys in Essex, to ensure that our clients receive accurate results. We have spent the past 19 years working in this industry and this wealth of experience has given us a great knowledge base. Our skills and reputation mean we have been given some amazing opportunities, such as working on some of the UK’s largest construction projects, including The Shard, Wembley and the 02 arena.

Having a safe working environment is of the utmost importance for clients and contractors so you just cannot afford to risk getting inaccurate or incomplete statutory utility record drawings. When Subvision undertake a full underground utility survey, we offer clients peace of mind since we are able to confirm whether any services or obstructions exist prior to diversion, safeguarding you before carrying out excavations. The specialist team here at Subvision Surveys uses both ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic surveying methods to deliver highly accurate and concise results and make certain that every underground utility is located.

For Underground Utility Surveys in Essex…

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Why Choose Subvision Surveys?

We strive to meet our clients’ individual requirements and have a wide range of specialist techniques at our disposal. Our high standards of customer service and very competitive rates have gained us a broad client base since we always deliver what we set out to achieve. Our surveyors all have years of training in the use of our advanced technology and we truly believe that experience is key to a quality survey. This is further proven by the fact that our team of in-house CCTV surveyors is fully WTI trained, with over 60 years’ combined experience of surveying, classifying defects and producing detailed reports. Subvision work with only the best, following strict training in relation to our RD8000 & CAT4 electromagnetic tracing equipment and IDS Detector Duo GPR equipment. You can also rest assured that every on-site team member is fully qualified, holding all necessary safety cards and CRB/DBS approval.

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