Virtual Trial Hole Services

Virtual trial holes is a unique service offered by Subvision Surveys. It provides our clients with an accurate plan, and cross sectional detail, of an area (or areas) that has been specified by the client prior to undertaking work on-site. Whether the client wishes to confirm the extent of clearance for a new service to be laid along the footpath, or simply save on the cost of a groundwork team and potential reinstatement costs in multiple trial hole excavations we are here to assist you.

Virtual Trial Holes Benefits for our Clients Across the UK

Subvision believe this service has many benefits for the client, including the following:

  • It is a significant cost saving and time saving solution which avoids the usual ‘red tape’ issues when gaining the necessary permission to undertake excavation work, whether it be within the carriageway or footpath.

  • There is a set price per virtual trial hole location.

  • In many cases we are able to complete several locations per shift, significantly reducing the costs incurred with intrusive ground work.

  • Our team of experienced surveyors record all information topographically, providing an AutoCAD survey plan and cross-section detail.

  • Surveys are undertaken using the very latest ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic methods.

  • Detail accuracy you would expect is obtained non-intrusively.

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Virtual Trial Holes – The Nations Most Skilled Team

We have more than 60 years combined experience in this industry and Subvision Surveys have been providing virtual trial holes for the last 19 years to clients in London, Essex, Suffolk, Kent and all over the UK. Our skilled team is made up of many electromagnetic and GPR survey specialists who have been trained for years both in-house and externally in the use of the latest technology and equipment including RD8000 & CAT4 electromagnetic tracing equipment and IDS Detector Duo GPR equipment.

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