The Importance of Borehole Excavation

This is an essential service that can eliminate risks prior to intrusive ground works such as digging foundations or even erecting a fence. Many sites have disused services and tanks hidden underground, with some utilities disabled and disconnected but still left live. This can pose a serious threat to the health and lives of workmen and the general public. It is a company’s responsibility to eliminate these risks before excavation works start and this is where Subvision’s team can help.

Your planned dig area needs to be cleared of obstacles and we will use the latest specialist techniques to detect and trace utilities on site – including plastic, clay, metal, concrete, candles and masonry – then these locations are marked by colour code on the ground. Whether you only require a single hole for a residential plot, or hundreds for an industrial facility, Subvision Surveys has the expertise required to deliver accurate results.

To Find Out More About Borehole Excavation/Clearance

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Subvision Surveys are Borehole Excavation and Clearance Experts

Our surveyors combine electromagnetic and ‘GPR’ locating methods to get the best results for clients in a wide variety of situations and scenarios such as boreholes, core samples or window samples. We offer clients peace of mind and if required, our skilled surveyors can advise you whilst on-site in repositioning excavations or borehole positions to a safer location.

Subvision Surveys provide a wide range of utility mapping and clearance services throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our highly professional, tailored services which can be combined to guarantee a precise, detailed survey. Our competitive rates and unrivalled standards make us your number one choice!

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