Utility Mapping

It is important to be fully prepared before you begin a big construction, destruction or excavation project and by scheduling in a utility mapping session with Subvision you greatly reduce the chance of running into any problems below ground. Hidden utilities could be situated anywhere beneath your site, and if any of these are struck or broken it could have dangerous consequences, so it is always best to seek advice from our professional surveyors who are trained to detect them. Being aware of what is underground and knowing the best way to move forward will not only keep your team and the general public safe, it will also save you money that may otherwise have been spent putting things right.

We Use Utility Mapping to Identify a Range of Obstructions

Among the utilities we are able to map are gas, electric, telecommunication and sewers; we highly recommend combining an electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar survey as this will enable us to locate and identify all different types of obstructions, including metallic and non-metallic. Our accurate utility mapping surveys offer real-time data which is much more reliable than old, possible incomplete or incorrect, record information. Each member of our team has spent years following strict in-house and external training in the use of specialist equipment and we use only the latest technology to guarantee precision in all that we do.

Enquiring About Utility Mapping Services…

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Subvision Surveys Is the Leading Utility Mapping Service Provider

Our utility mapping surveys are cost-effective and there is no job too big or too small for the experienced team of professional surveyors here at Subvision. Safety is our top priority which is why all staff are CRB/DBS checked and approved before they work on your site, as well as carrying all relevant and valid CSCS/PTS safety cards. Subvision Surveys will identify the depth, type & route of utilities beneath your site, so call our friendly, expert team today to find out more about our amazing services – 08454 856 661

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