Drainage Surveys

Our drainage surveys cover a range of services and we have the latest CCTV equipment at our disposal. Subvision Surveys provide full and comprehensive surveys which are tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on the needs of our clients and the individual sites we can use pan and tilt crawler units, and push rod systems. We will thoroughly inspect your drainage or sewer system to determine how suitable the pipe routes are to be reused on any future projects. Our experienced team are also able to identify any faults, obstructions or defects that are present in the drainage system.

Contacting Subvision Surveys

Call Subvision Surveys about drainage surveys today on 08454 856 661

We produce high quality drainage survey reports

A full report is issued to every client that includes a high quality video recording of the surveyed pipe route on a DVD, USB memory stick or sent electronically in MPEG format. Our specialist CCTV assessors, who are fully trained and certified by WTI, produce all written reports in-house, using the latest Wincan data software. The final reports we produce always undergo rigorous quality control procedures before they are issued to clients and will detail all relevant information, including advice and recommendations.

Subvision Surveys have a fantastic range of services

For the most accurate drainage survey, combine a CCTV survey with our high pressure water jetting service to cleanse the system thoroughly prior to investigation. This is something we highly recommend as it ensures the best possible results. We have a team of surveyors who have been fully WTI trained in pipe and brick sewer classification coding, and are also fully confined space trained, which means we are ideally suited to handle your project. The size of the pipes will determine whether CCTV crawler systems can be utilised and as water culverts tend to be lined with rubble, cameras are not always able to travel smoothly. If this is the case, we have an effective solution as Subvision provide man entry surveys for watercourse culverts or man entry size pipes/brick trunk sewers.

For nationwide drainage surveys call us on: 08454 856 661

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