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At Subvision Surveys we can offer a full range of surveying services. This includes PAS 128 surveys; PAS 128 allows you to detect redundant or abandoned underground utilities, and different surface features, that benefit the location and classification of underground utility infrastructures.

The PAS 128 Survey allows for a sub surface engineering industry standard, setting the accuracy of which the data is captured, the quality that should be expected from the data, and gives confidence between us and our clients that the data is precise.

There are four quality levels within PAS 128 surveys, A through to D. A survey area may be subdivided so that the appropriate survey level is applied to each, so satisfying the project need and addressing the safety and financial risk.

PAS128 -Type D, C, B, A:


* A minimum of the two techniques of electro-magnetic location and ground penetrating radar is required for a PAS 128 compliant survey. The client specifies the methodology and intensity of the detection survey.

** The verification survey specifies recording information available from manholes and intrusive excavation.

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