PAS128 Surveys
PAS128 Surveys

PAS 128 Surveys

PAS 128 Cutting-edge Technology

Subvision Surveys excels in delivering precise PAS 128 compliant surveys for mapping underground utilities. Our surveying process incorporates cutting-edge electromagnetic location (EML) equipment and ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, adhering strictly to PAS 128 standards.

PAS 128 Surveys – Expert Team

Our teams consist of highly skilled utility mapping surveyors with extensive experience in GPR and electromagnetic locating methods. Each of our utility surveyors holds NVQ Level 3 or 5 QCF qualifications in utility mapping, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

What Do Our Surveys Provide?

Our surveys provide detailed information on the depth and location of all buried utility apparatus and structures, including electric cables, water mains, gas mains, drainage pipes, telecom cables, and fibre optic ducts, in compliance with PAS 128 requirements. For PAS128 Utility Mapping contact Subvision today.

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PAS 128 Survey Types

PAS 128 defines several survey types, each with a different level of accuracy and method used:

  1. PAS 128 Type A: Verification Survey
    • Involves physically exposing the utility to verify its position and characteristics.
    • Provides the highest level of accuracy.
  2. PAS 128 Type B: Detection Survey
    • Uses geophysical techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location.
    • Sub-divided into four sub-types (B1, B2, B3, B4) based on the density and confidence of detected utilities.
  3. PAS 128 Type C: Site Reconnaissance Survey
    • Requires gathering existing records and visible surface features to approximate the location of utilities.
    • Provides less accuracy compared to Type A and B.
  4. PAS 128 Type D: Desktop Utility Record Search
    • Involves collecting and reviewing existing utility records without any on-site activities.
    • Provides the least accuracy, based on historical and available data.

PAS 128 Survey Accuracy

The accuracy of the survey results is classified into four quality levels (QL):

  • QL-A: The highest accuracy, obtained from Type A surveys.
  • QL-B: Accuracy from Type B surveys, with QL-B1 being the most accurate within this type.
  • QL-C: Results from Type C surveys.
  • QL-D: Least accurate, based on Type D surveys.

PAS 128 Survey Applications

  • Construction and Excavation Planning: Helps in reducing the risk of utility strikes and ensures safe excavation practices.
  • Asset Management: Aids utility companies in managing and maintaining their underground infrastructure.
  • Urban Development: Supports planners and developers in understanding the subsurface environment.

PAS 128 Process

  1. Preparation: Define the scope, objectives, and area of the survey.
  2. Data Collection: Conduct the survey using the appropriate methods and technologies.
  3. Data Processing: Analyze and interpret the collected data.
  4. Data Presentation: Present the findings in a clear and standardized format, including maps and reports.

PAS 128 Benefits

  • Improved Safety: Reduces the risk of accidents caused by striking buried utilities.
  • Cost Efficiency: Helps in avoiding costly utility damage and project delays.
  • Better Planning: Provides accurate information for project planning and design.

PAS 128 ensures that underground utility surveys are conducted in a consistent manner, improving the reliability and accuracy of the data collected. This specification is essential for anyone involved in construction, civil engineering, or utility management.

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Miguel Bathan
Miguel Bathan
Subvision Surveys is a top-notch surveying company that consistently delivers high-quality results. Their team is professional and knowledgeable, and they take the time to ensure that their clients' needs are met. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of accurate surveying data.
Chris Weller
Chris Weller
I have worked with Subvision on a number of projects. I have always found their work ethic and professionalism second to none. A massive thanks to James and the Subvision team.
Michael Flaherty
Michael Flaherty
Done a fantastic utility survey for me recently, will be my go-to choice for any surveying needs. I highly recommend!
Mia Cotton
Mia Cotton
Brilliant team
Bright Lights
Bright Lights
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. The job itself was completed to a very high standard and the drawings that were provided afterwards were incredibly detailed and accurate. We have used similar companies in the past but these guys were so much better than all of them put together. Would definitely use Subvision again and look forward to doing so.

Have Any Questions?

Have Any Questions?

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