Short Introduction to Underground Utility Mapping

An underground utility map/survey uses both the most up-to-date electromagnetic and GPR equipment that enables the client to receive an accurate survey of the grounds below.

Subvision Surveys have over 60 years combined experience under their wings in utility surveying, working on one of the biggest construction projects in the UK in recent years, some of our projects that we have completed are:

  • Heathrow Terminal 2

  • The Shard

  • Wembley

  • o2 Arena

  • & Many More!

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Underground Utility Mapping

There’s an ever-evolving issue of incomplete and/or inaccurate statutory utility record drawings, however utility surveys are a necessity for both clients and contractors in order to be able to ensure a safe system of work as well as a safe working environment. Whether it’s to confirm the existence of services prior to diversion, or to safeguard the client prior to excavation works, Subvision offers the client peace of mind in absolutely any scenario.

In order for us to be able to ensure a concise and accurate underground utility survey has been made, we utilise both electromagnetic as well as GPR surveying methods to be able to ensure that all underground utilities are located accurately.

Subvision Surveys provide a range of services, including Topo surveys and GPRS in Essex including BillericayColchester and Harlow.

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