Utilities Clearance Company

Subvision Surveys is proud to be a leading utilities clearance company, providing clients from all over the UK with high quality services designed to keep their site safe and secure. We keep those working on urban projects from harm by carrying out a detailed survey of the area to indicate the location of underground utilities. If any of these were disturbed, the consequences could be serious as they can be expensive to fix and can be potentially fatal if struck.

There are many essential utility lines hidden below ground, including electric, gas and fibre optics which need to be avoided. Prior to any drilling or excavation works being carried out, it is important that the professional team at Subvision is called out to analyse the scene. We have a wealth of experience and our expertise is second to none since we have been in the industry for over 19 years.

Contacting The Leading Utilities Clearance Company

Give us a call on 0330 134 6861 to get in touch with a member of our highly professional team.

An Experienced, Nationwide Utilities Clearance Company

Our specialist techniques and equipment guarantee a high quality survey and we pride ourselves on our incredible attention to detail. Many of our services can be combined to ensure the best possible results including 3D Topographical, Ground Penetrating Radar, Utility Mapping and CCTV Drainage Surveys. Subvision’s specialist CAD technicians, electromagnetic experts and GPR surveyors are the best in the industry, looking after your survey down to the last millimetre.

Unrivalled standards and competitive prices keep us one step ahead of the competition. Each of us follows strict in-house and external training in the use of RD8000 & CAT4 electromagnetic tracing equipment and IDS Detector Duo GPR equipment, so you can be sure we deliver accurate results. Our team consists of the most knowledgeable, CRB/DBS checked and approved surveyors.

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