3D Revit Modelling

We have 60 years combined experience as 3D revit modelling specialists, providing professional surveys to clients nationwide. As survey experts we have a wealth of knowledge which we combine with our use of the latest technology and techniques to deliver high quality, highly accurate results.

Trained 3D Modelling Experts

Our surveyors have been trained for years in the use of their equipment and with Subvision you will receive a bespoke, tailored service that meets your individual requirements.

3D Revit Modelling – Professional tailored solutions Nationwide.Contact us online or call us today to arrange your quote – 0330 134 6861

3D Revit Modelling – Providing High Quality Laser Scanned

Laser scanning is a highly recommended survey method as it is very time efficient; this is because we do not have to keep coming back to the site.

It is also commonly used for inaccessible sites that might be historic or hazardous such as railways, roads and bridges as the equipment can be set up remotely unlike other traditional methods. Our 3D revit modelling is ideal for covering large areas in a lot of detail, helping our clients plan their project more effectively, saving money and time along the way.

Subvision Surveys is proud to offer clients around the UK a great range of services from laser surveys and utility mapping to topographical and sewer surveys, each carried out safely by our team of skilled experts.

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