Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys

To achieve accurate results with our ground penetrating radar surveys, our experienced team uses the latest GPR equipment to send high frequency radio waves into the ground. These waves are reflected back once they hit a buried object or service and these signals allow us to record variations via the antenna.
GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar surveys) can be used to locate buried services, underground voids, underground tanks, large objects, buried obstructions, buried manhole covers, chambers, trench routes and much more.
In order to obtain the most comprehensive and accurate underground utility survey available, Subvision Surveys Ltd always recommend combining a GPR survey with an electromagnetic survey.
Different ground conditions and ground make-up can affect the depth range of GPR, ranging from good penetration in dry sandy soil, to limited penetration in moist and/or clay soils, and soils with high electrical conductivity.

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Where do Subvision offer their GPR Surveys?

Subvision Surveys provide GPR Surveys to clients in Essex, Surrey, London, Kent, Billericay, nationwide and around Europe!

Book expert GPR Surveys in London or further afield with Subvision

Clients around the UK – in EssexKentLondonOxfordSurreyReadingSouthend and everywhere in between – and around Europe – we travel to France and beyond – can book a GPR survey with our specialist team.
To arrange a GPR Survey in the London area, or if you need our assistance with a project elsewhere, you can call us on 08454 856 661 or get in touch online using the contact form on our contact page.

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