Subsurface Scanning

Subsurface scanning by Subvision Surveys is the best way to locate those hard to find utilities located underground and we use the latest technology to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision. Our range of NDT methods are designed to map the area below your site, analysing the strength and size of obstructions.

GPR is perhaps the most versatile option as this type of survey detects non-metallic or non-electrically conductive utilities using signals sent into the ground to reflect of buried services then the information is received by an antenna. Subsurface scanning via GPR has many civil engineering applications from concrete scanning, void location to support anchor detection and tank identification. Data from a subsurface laser scan can be delivered as a 3D model, CAD or point cloud, whichever is most appropriate for our clients.

To Enquire More About Our Subsurface Scanning

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Why Is Subsurface Scanning So Important?

When a project is proposed that will require construction, demolition or excavation works, it is important to understand the state of the area below ground, as hidden cavities, pipes, tanks or other obstructions can seriously affect the safety of workers and the public. This is because if a service is struck or broken, it can pose a real threat to human life and take a lot of time and money to repair.

The professional team here at Subvision will carry out a thorough survey for you that effectively scans and locates any potential hazards before it is too late. Various services can be combined to further improve the accuracy of our surveys and as all data is delivered in real-time, there is no need to rely on old or incomplete records. For years, we have been providing clients across the nation with cost and time efficient surveys and utilities clearance services that are ideal for any job, no matter how big or small.

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