Utilities Clearance

There are many hazards associated with construction or excavation projects, however with utilities clearance by Subvision Surveys, these risks are greatly reduced. We help clients minimise the chances of hitting a buried service by scanning the area and marking where obstructions lie. By knowing where to work safely, you avoid striking something underground that would be costly to fix and potentially fatal.

Knowing where pipes, electric, gas and fibre optic lines are will keep your job running to schedule as you can safely drill or dig where none are present. Our professional surveys protect our clients, our surveyors and the public from harm by utilising the latest technology and equipment. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and each member of our team has undergone years of training to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To Find Out More About Our Utilities Clearance

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Why Choose to Book Utilities Clearance with Subvision Surveys?

Utilities are marked out in real time using a combination of methods such as GPR and RFLs; having up to date information is a lot safer than relying on old or incomplete records. Our expertise is second to none as we have been in the industry for over 19 years and work with only the most experienced, reliable surveyors. We work with clients nationwide to secure a safe working environment and your site is in the best hands with Subvision.

Our surveys indicate where subsurface utilities are located and our wide range of services are competitively priced. As a team we strive to meet every requirement of our clients and tailor each survey to suit your needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we use various methods to guarantee no detail is overlooked.

Subvision Surveys provide anyone looking for utility clearance services a time and cost efficient option, so call 08454 856 661 for more information today and we’d be happy to help!

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